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Management Studio Solutions

I have found several times creating the same set of scripts for the same thing, trying to locate where I saved it, when did I last run it. I end up spending ages looking for some code I ran previously … Continue reading

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Hot Key of the Week (Ctrl-ALT – down arrow)

I send around a weekly newsletter at work and one of the features is hotkey of the week which I will start posting here as well Display a popup listing all open windows, you can then use the cursor key … Continue reading

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Searching Files Easily ( Leo my 12 year old son)

I have to hold my hands up and say I didn’t know you could do this and was pleasantly surprised I found something I could share even if it was from my 12yr old. This is not a SQL tip … Continue reading

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Using Output

The OUTPUT command can be a very useful tool to use at times. The following scripts show a couple of ways it can be used. The code from these scripts can be found here on my shared dropbox. First off … Continue reading

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Management Studio Tips and Tricks – Comments

Some things you take for granted in management studio, they are just there I have used them for years then you find something that someone else uses and you didn’t.  So some of the following might be known some hopefully … Continue reading

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3 year Blogging Break!

I am currently working as a Senior SQL Server DBA (Hands on) Manager for a large insurance company and as part of trying to increase skills / knowledge within the teams I have recently been sending out a weekly email to … Continue reading

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