Virtual Play Ground–Some Issues I came across.

I have over the course of a the last few days been setting up several VM’s as a SQL play ground there are some excellent posts from Jonathan Keyhayias here on the SQL skills website. Several things didn’t go to plan, there was some deviance from his build with more up to date version of O/S and SQL. Thought it worth cataloguing the issues ( for when I come around to it next time). I used VirtualBox from oracle.

Issues 1 – no 64 bit option in the drop down from Oracle

Solution– There is a lot out of there on this and it usually points to Virtualisation needing to be enabled in the BIOS ( usually). This can be in one of many locations I have come to find, Security tab for instance on my Dell Machine at work, My ASUS X5505c its under Misc setting in the BIOS and was enabled. When I went into “Turn features on and off “  in Windows 8.1 Hyper V wasn’t installed.  I had read the virtualisation technologies can clash, the recommendation was to disable. It wasn’t enabled though. Everything else seemed to set correctly. So I installed it, then uninstalled it. After a reboot going into creating a new VM in VirtualBox I now had the option for 64 bit Guests, Bizarre.   You also check if virtualisation is supported on your chipset with the Intel(R) Processor Identification Utility 

Issues 2 –  Me being an idiot

Solution – Er don’t be a idiot. Hindsight is a great thing, if I was going to start this from scratch again after I had completed it I would say the following to make my life easier

  • Write down all the IPaddress / Server names in a useful document . I added my to Google Keep after I was trying to work out why one machine couldn’t connect to the ISCSI connector on the SAN
  • Take snapshots after you have done things on the VM, they can be flaky and I didn’t, its not overly difficult to rebuild things just time consuming
  • Multi tasking isnt always the best thing, I installed SQL 2012 and SQL 2014 at the same time on different VM’s thinking i was saving time, turns out i wasn’t when both VM’S got the same error. (Issues 3)
  • When naming the iSCSI Network 1 and iSCSI Network 2 connections remember to actually rename them, this took some digging as one was set to just iSCSI Network.

Issues 3 – Both SQL 2012 & SQL 2014 installs Failed with  Microsoft .net framework 4.0 installation has failed with exit code 1 half way through the installation, it carried out but basically everything failed.

Solution – Download the standalone 4.5 Dot net installs. I installed the GuestAddons by attaching to the VM the following file C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\VBoxGuestAdditions.iso This allows sharing of the local machine drives. I installed the file direct on one VM and it then downloaded the rest of the 4.5 framework, on another VM I took a different approach and copied the file into the local VHD and tried installing this didn’t work for some reason and kept throwing up an error message. Fortunately I had successfully used the file already or this would have had me scratching my head !

I’ll post subsequent errors / fixes as I come along them

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