SQL Solutions – Part 2 bookmarks

Bookmarks combined with SQL solutions can start to give some serious power to a script library. In the previous blog post

I covered creating a script library, he’s a copy of one that i created / use daily. SO i can quickly access script associated with Daily check , extended events or blocking etc.


I have a lot of scripts and can find what I am looking for quickly this way, but what happens when I have a bunch of script with lots and lots of smaller scripts, is there a better way of accessing / indexing to find what I want.


Using bookmarks

This windows off by default, but can be switched on through menu View(1) Bookmark Window(2)


The bookmark window allows you to bookmark lines of code and quickly jump to that point in the code.Below it shows you what the buttons do

(1) Creates a bookmark on the current line of code in the query window

(2) Creates a folder so you can create different topic areas as shown below

(3) & (4) move between bookmarks , this jumps the cursor to that position in the scripts

(5) & (6) moves the cursor to the next bookmark in the current folder

(7) double clicking on the individual bookmark jumps to that bit of code


So I can write English statements such as “When was SQL installed” and it would jump to the script and the line in the script of the statement that shows me that

The previous post can be located here Reusable Script Library

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