ADS – Azure Data Studio SQL Saturday’s

I have used ADS (Azure Data Studio) from time to time since it was originally released, I tend to move back however to using SSMS as its not the finished article. It does, however, evolve with monthly releases.

Well, that’s all changed, as I have been trying to use ADS exclusively for a while now. The reason being I have submitted a talk to a few SQL Saturdays and it seems people might want to know more as I have been selected for SQL Saturday Belgium, SQL Saturday Iceland and SQL Saturday Denmark. The 1st is less than a week away and I have decided to do a series of blog posts around the talk material with hopefully some useful tips and tricks along the way.

The talk bio

Heard of dry January? Well, this the DBA equivalent. What is it? Why would I want to use this over Management Studio? Can I use it instead of Management Studio? Martin will answer these questions – and more – and share with you what happened when as a DBA/Database professional he tried to exclusively use this instead of SSMS. A month’s work of expertise to be shared in 60 minutes, detailing all the caveats and clever tricks needed to avoid pulling his hair out on a daily basis.

The next one will be posted tomorrow. I am aiming for one every day in March, there I have said it now it needs to happen.

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