ADS Keyboard Shortcuts -part 2 and a name drop or two (Day 3)

Day 3 of posts around ADS and time for a name drop.  I mentioned I managed to be selected to speak at SQL Saturday Iceland ( as since drafted also Belgium and SQL Denmark) a fellow speaker mentioned some of the other great speakers that were presenting in Iceland.  I made a comment to a Tweet from Nicky van Vroenhoven

07 Tweet time

Which resulted in Brent Ozar tweeting about my session. I wonder if I can use it on my slides – The presentation that Brent said was AWESOME, umm maybe not.  A long way off that.

08 Brent Tweet

I digress, Brent suggested I ask Andy M Mallon if I can share his cheatsheet which shows SSMS and Azure Data Studio short cut keys. I didn’t need to as he volunteered it beforehand with tips about printing for UK based people. How great is the SQL community, SQL family. The link is above to the shortcut

06 Shortcut keys

I have been trying to memorise a set of short cuts and I will share the ones I know use all the time and can’t live without in the subsequent post.

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