SQL Saturday Belgium 7/31

I thought today’s post should reflect SQL Saturday Belgium, my first time in Belgium. My first-time Presenting outside the UK.

I managed to find the venue fine, but I did nearly lose my phone along the way! Walked along Mechelen river, think its a river, they have a purpose-built path along the side which has decking, turns out very wet and slippy decking. Taking the following photo having over the side to get better shot I slipped nearly ending up with the phone in the water.


The talk I like to think was well received, how can you ultimately know, no one walked out and a few people said it was good. I also had a few people speak to me afterward asking more questions always a good sign. And a few things I can look further into (future posts) I made the mistake of not finishing this prior to the hospitality of the Belgium guys running the event, but the 31 days of March need to continue!

on a final note, Belgium beer is ridiculously strong.  I loved every minute of it and met some amazing SQL people #SQLfamily.

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