Azure Data Studio – wow more time saving

I worried I would not have content for 31 blog posts, however, I keep finding more new stuff daily.

I am working in an environment with a few hundred SQL servers and managing the servers list is a pain.  I tend to connect to the query window and its arduous, to then go add a new connection (even if its already there) to locate and connect to the manage pain.

So I spend a bit of time working through what several of the shortcut keys do by assigning F6 as that’s not mapped to anything. Finding a key combination that isn’t mapped can be an issue, for example, I used Shift+I for formatting SQL code until I wanted to upper case i (Doh!)

Anyhow map F6 to

Search: Servers


This then brings a popup box with a search, type in the server name and bingo it brings up the server. I did find it the server wasn’t in the list nothing happened so if you map ctrl+F6 you can add a new server so covers both bases.

shortcut search

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