Azure Data Studio -The gift that keeps on giving (day 12/31)

I thought I had come up with a clever way of searching in Azure Data Studio to search for the filename of a SQL or PowerShell file using a PowerShell script that read the file in reversed the file, and added the file name to the end of the file and reserved it back so basically adding the name of the file to the top with a comment like:-

#My SQL Script.sql #SQL

I can now search on the file name then I discovered if type Ctrl+P and just type the name, I can find the file name with no clever Powershell shenanigans.

I love this app. I am still finding stuff out using day today.

Then a couple of days ago I discovered if you start typing in the pane with all your scripts it can filter on what you type, the example below I type CMD and find all files with CMD in the title. I knew it did this in the PowerShell section but hadn’t realised it did it here!


I had started to think blogging 31 times in a month would be a challenge and I imagine it will be, but I keep finding out new features.

This blog was finished off on the way to Leeds Dataplatform with @Ianpike both of doing techie stuff ( he’s finishing his presentation just saying)

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