Less AzureDataStudio more Yorkshire (13/31)

Its day 13 and Friday funny that, as probably explains what I’m about to get to shortly. I’m on a weekend break with the wife in the lovely North Yorkshire village of Haworth.

I’ve just checked in at the sleeping house at the bottom of the famous cobbled high street. Below is the view from the hotel.

Just switched the laptop on for todays blog to discover I have little charge and no charger. So any posts will need to be done from my phone.

Azuredata studio thoughts of the day, the previous two nights were presenting at two different usergroups and if was interesting to see how many people havent used AzureDataStudio but hopefully a few will now have a play.

Last night in Leeds and previous night in Manchester few interesting questions came out, one around can you get dashboards to auto refresh, which would make them quite a useful feature. So far tried to find a short cut key for refresh with out much luck and fudging the sql script called to have a loop and a wait for but to no avail,but it’s interesting the ideas people are coming up with to customise the ADS experience.

Also the hotel room toilet seems to be twinned with a toilet in Africa

,whatever next

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