Getting the git repository- AzureDataStudio. And an offer that I might regret this one! Maybe not (14/31)

I have stored the GitHub Presentation in the following location


I quite like presenting the same talk at multiple locations (turns out they have been cancelled since I drafted this), but we need to look after each other so that’s cool as well.

I’ve had a weekend off and been away, it’s crazy how difficult this is to blog daily and the guys who do it all the time are amazing,

I’ve still managed it but its not what I wanted it to be. I’ve learned a lot and hopefully shared a lot because that’s what it was really about

I’ve come up with a crazy idea as I sit in a hotel in Bronte country (and had a few drinks most of the afternoon) lets find someone to share anything I know. I’m not biging myself up, but I’d like to think I’ve got something to share and maybe someone is interested who knows 🤔

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