Azure Data Studio 16.1 Notebook Charts #19

I love this product, it keeps getting better and better and I keep finding new things out daily, the latest version came out today (and I only just noticed) I was coming to write the daily blog when I noticed, so it only seems right I should mention one of the new features.

Azure Data Studio Notebook charts

So I created a new notebook and created some dummy data (one thing I noticed charting normal queries isn’t that great, but I will endeavor to create a routine that puts the output into the format that charts can use easier)

which returns a result like this

notebook charts Just above the results, you can see the options to export to CSV, EXCEL, JSON and also at the end create a CHART click on it and you get visualizations

notebook charts 2 Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to allow saving in the chart format but still its early days a bit more playing to see what can be achieved, the options to export to Excel will be really helpful for runbooks

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