Azure Data Studio and working from home day #20

Its difficult times we live in at the moment with things going on, like many, I am working from home and sometimes the connection might not be the best it could be.  I remote in using the companies I am working at’s chosen VPN and can execute things locally on my machine against the network, like I am in the office, however somewhat slower at times.

I can RDP to one of the servers that has management studio installed on it if it should be is another question for another day.  Run my queries without risk of connection issues as when I connect back in the query is still potentially running.

But I wanted to use Azure Data Studio !!.

I don’t have access to just install Applications on any old server.

but that’s not an issue. If you copy the install folder that Azure Data Studio is installed to in my case c:\azuredatastudio-windows-1.15.1 to the remote server in question, if you are allowed and you have download ADS as Zip version you can just run the exe and bingo

It also on startup creates the user-specific files into the following folder


so if you copy your setting.json and snippets files, you automatically get the servers and snippets and configuration from your local machine to the remote one.

Nice 😉

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