Azure Data Studio data scripter extension

I thought that I would cover some of the great extensions that make ADS so much more, one that is quite nifty and I can see a use for is the data scripter extension.

This extension was written by Sean Price and also the db snapshot tool ( which is very useful as well) the github link is here

1) So to use, install the data scripter extension

2) Navigate to a table you want to script, right-click and select Script Table Data



3) You get a popup box as shown below

select from

4) You can amend the TSQL statement above to just select columns you want or even add a WHERE clause. I have filtered the data for one specific date. Hit return

select date

5) The scripter provides the create table statement commented out

create table
6) And also insert statements, as shown it’s just gives me the insert statements for that specific day
This is another tool in the arsenal of the productive data professional.  I can use to create test data for various scenarios from one server to another.
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