Azure Data Studio – A week to go more short cut keys

I said I would attempt to blog every day in March around Azure Data Studio and it has been a challenge especially the last few days.  I’m now at the point of looking for topics to blog around, so I started looking through the short cut keys and he’s some that I could utilise if I can remember them

  1. Copying the current line to the next line.  Doesn’t sound all that but so often I will highlight a single line copy it to the next line, comment it out and then make some changes to the 1st line. That way I have the original to fall back to when I mess something up or it didn’t work as planned. SHIFT + ALT + Down Arrow

copy line

to add line comment its CTRL+K  CTRL+C or +U to remove, these commands can also be amended to whatever you want.

2. This one is really cool ( and I am now second-guessing myself if I haven’t already mentioned this already so I had to review the contents here

You can compare what is on the clipboard with the active window. So scenario you paste some code into a new window, change a few things, you can see exactly what has changed, using CTRL+K C.  I also used this recently to compare two complex string, copy one then the other to clipboard and hit the key combination

clipboard compare

3. There are so many short-cut keys some obvious what they do and a few need a bit of tweaking, the 3rd one I’d add is Toggle block comment, anything that makes me more productive CTRL+SHIFT +A to add and remove which is a novelty


(Just in case you wanted to know what block comments looked like !)

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