Azure Data studio – PowerShell Command Explorer – Day #24

It’s half 8 again and I am starting the blog. I am not accustoming well to continued home working, I am usually an early riser but the current situation I didn’t sleep and slept into 8.30, by that time I usually have been in work 30 minutes and had an hour on the train reading. Things need to change.

Anyhow, The PowerShell Command Explorer is a useful tool. I am a big fan of DBAtools and use it a lot. I usually have the webpage open on the doc section for syntax, memories going at my age and it’s always easier.

The PowerShell Command Explorer sits on the left-hand bar (which you can move around to where you like)


Which results in an extensive list of PowerShell commands that can be ran

powershell list

If you click on the left-hand pane and start typing diskspace (in my example I am trying to find a SQL drive with enough space to restore a large database on a test server)

filter 1

Once typing in click on the filter option it filters the results to ones with just diskspace in the title

filter 2

If you click on the pencil Icon it will paste the current command into the active window ( saves typos!)

diskspace click

Clicking the (?) icon you get the associated help

get help

This is piped to the terminal window to show the syntax of the command

powrshell help

Also a hyperlink to the forementioned dbatools page. Saving you time looking it up!

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