Azure Data Studio last daily post #25

I have decided to call it a day posting daily, technically I didn’t post every day in March, I made 25 continuous days blogging in some weird and wonderful locations (Belgium trains for one) also hotel room after nights out. The last week had been a challenge and I could have continued but not with content I’d have liked. I had some time to looks at the Juypter Notebook feature and thought this could be really useful but felt I needed to learn some new skills to do it justice.

So I am not abandoning the blog but looking to change it was daily to weekly to add some rich content ( without making the previous sound weak 😉 )

More of a deep dive and an understanding of some of the deep dive areas that can be explored.

And all respect to all those great SQL bloggers out there who somehow manage to do this daily. I have learned a lot and hopefully, I shared something useful in the process. Now for a different challenge.

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