Leeds and Manchester Data Platform Meetup AzureDataStudio (Day 11/31)

The Manchester Data-platform User group is run by a bunch of great people and we rotate around for various meetups. It’s my turn this month which is bad planning as a Liverpool fan who’s champions league 2nd leg game is on (while I will be presenting or sorting out the remote 2nd speaker) and its also a different talk to one I’ve prepared for SQL Saturday.

I’m actually looking forward to this as I can concentrate on the really nice features and ignore the ones that mean I still go back to SSMS. Even though I need to cram it all into 30 minutes

More of a why than a what, I will show you why you should be using Azure Data Studio rather than SQL Server Management studio. This is a condensed session from a larger session with some great features that just can’t be found in SSMS. The positives on why you need to install it and start using it today. How it increased my productivity and it’s only going to get better. No experience is necessary but will give you some thoughts on how it can make your data experience all the better.

Azure Data Studio bit of the day

Another really useful and nifty short-cut key Ctl+K C to compare the open file with contents of the clipboard

So take the scenario you cut and paste some code into a window and change a few lines, bits of code, hit the combo Ctrl+K then C you get what’s different, I can see this being quite useful and even used it to compare two result sets today at work to see if they were the same from a complex string.

As it turns out I went to the pub to be disappointed by the result and ended up finishing the blog on the train, I need to get a few of these done and scheduled! but I did manage to get a beer from the user group to take home with me. #SQLCommunity

It was a great meet up with 3 different speakers @IanPike and @MarkDataGuy and myself and going home later than planned and we’re all doing it again tomorrow at @DataLeeds. 

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